Henry Kissinger Remains Dangerous

Henry Kissinger is the author of a line that I like to quote a lot, in which he describes a claim as “having the added advantage of being true”. I like the line for many reasons, one being because it reminds us that when it suited him Kissinger was not above pushing ideas that were false.

And, oh boy, it seems like Kissinger is still up to his old bullying tricks trying to deny, obscure, or distract attention from his complicity in the Chilean coup that replaced Salvador Allende with the evil Augusto Pinochet., as well as a strategic CIA murder plus the CIA's and White House's involvement in “Operation Condor”, Pinochet's scheme to murder his opponents living abroad in several Latin American countries and then later — in the Letelier affair — in Washington D.C.

None of which is all that surprising. What's amazing is the number of establishment figures still willing to do the old man's dirty work for him.

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