Fun Online US Geography Quiz Game

Place the State invites you to drop each state onto the map of the US, and tells you how close you got (each state is dropped on a blank map, you don't get your previous guesses to help you.)

Just less than half of my placements were close enough to count as fully correct. And, while most of my errors were fairly small, I learned that Arkansas is much further west than I knew.

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4 Responses to Fun Online US Geography Quiz Game

  1. fiat lux says:

    I scored 62%

  2. Robert Cox says:

    Gets kind of dull pretty rapidly.

  3. It’s one of those “so what’s the point?” games. You can pretty easily “fail” all of the placements even when you’re landing 80% of a state, so it’s not as if the game really cares about your geographic knowledge.
    (Gave up after a 95% landing of New Mexico turned out to be “wrong”; was batting 100 for the previous 35 states.)

  4. Lauren says:

    Funny, Arkansas was also the state by which I missed the most. Got 32/50.

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