Carrots Fight Cancer

Chemical in carrots keeps cancer at bay.

A chemical found in carrots [falcarinol] has been found to reduce the risk of cancer in laboratory rats by a third.

But it seems the carrots should be fresh and raw to get the full effect. And, don't worry about the beta caroten,

Carrots have been somewhat unpopular for some time, since it was found that the substance beta caroten found in carrots increases the risk of cancer. According to the researchers at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, however, this will never become a problem, since one would have to eat 2 ­ 3 kilos of carrots every day, or eat pure beta caroten in the shape of pills, in order to be at risk.

Amazingly rare that something I like is good for you.

(Google assures me that falcarinol is also found in English Ivy and in Ginseng.)

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  1. bakho says:

    Actually, there was a guy that went nuts on carrot juice and drank so much he turned orange. It killed off his liver and he died. The report was (I think) written in The Lancet a decade or so ago. The key word here is “moderation”. Even too much water can kill you.

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