Temporarily UnHomed

For the next two nights we'll be unhomed as they are going to varnish the floors with something that is awful to breath but lovely to look at. We had hoped to be at this stage about, oh, last summer, when it would have been far less disruptive to our lives, but there you are.

The good news is that this milestone means there are only a few major stages to go in our project: painting the inside and out of the old half of the house (we're living in the new half now), building the new driveway, doing all the little things that got skipped along the way, and fixing the mistakes that are fixable (so far there appear to be remarkably few mistakes, but that doesn't mean they are easy to fix). Then it's getting the stuff out of storage, figuring where it goes, window treatments, and landscaping. At this rate, I feel confident that we will be in position to have 'Housewarming – The ReBoot' this calendar year!

Coincidentally, the law school will also be closed for part of the long weekend because one of the buildings has to be tented for termites.

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