Some Election!

First Draft – Deomocrazy reports that a full five — count them, five! — days before the election, the Iraqi voters get to know who the candidates are! Such great democracy.

In a few days, they'll even get to know where some of the polling places are! (I am not making this up—many voters, except of course for those in the three provinces where we aren't bothering with elections at all, will be eligible to learn where the polling places are on election day.)

And no cars, just in case you wanted a ride to the polls.

And we closed down a major opposition newspaper months ago. And are enforcing Saddam's anti-union laws.

And… oh, what's the point?

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5 Responses to Some Election!

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    Well, yeah, what’s the point? It’s not like there are terrorists in Iraq who have announced their intention to kill anyone who dares to run for office, and who would appreciate having plenty of time to stake out polling places, and plan out their attacks. Right?

  2. Rachel Pick says:

    Thats the price of freedom. If you aren’t willing to get shot to vote, whats the point in voting, you arent really commited to it. The founding fathers of our country stood up and a lot of them got shot to secure our right to vote.
    (of course if while voting I am shot at I would like to be able to shoot back.)
    If no one knows who the candidates are, or where to vote then how can you make an informed choice ? Or do you see democracy as a lottery?
    Come to think of it, thats not a completely bad idea. Do a draft for political office… Odds are you would end up with something better than what gets elected now… at least some of the time.

  3. Marc Reiner says:

    I’m sure the “liberated” areas will have 10 times more polling machines than South Florida.

  4. TheJew says:

    Are you talking about Sadr’s paper Al-Hawza? ‘Cause that was reopened in July.

  5. The point is to have elections. This administration has never really concerned itself with the legitimacy of the outcome of elections. Why should it start now?

    Does anyone really believe that these elections will not be rigged in some fashion?

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