Off to SF for the AALS

I'm off to San Francisco this afternoon for the 2005 annual meeting of the American Association of Law Schools. I'm on two panels which is nice, but unfortunately they are very awkwardly timed, one being near the start of the conference and one being near the end. Wednesday at 2pm I'm speaking on a panel about privacy and court records; my job will be to explain the issues that the Florida Supreme Court Committee on Privacy and Court Records is mulling over. Saturday at 8:30am I'm on a panel about electronic money, playing the role of the fossil: My job is to explain why all the predictions about ubiquitous digital cash turned out to be wrong. Other panelists will talk about things like cellphone-mediated payments, paypal and starbucks money which seem to be today's wave of the future.

I would have liked to fly out tomorrow, but if the first plane out had been even an hour late, I'd have failed to turn up to my own talk. No one could object to an extra day or two in San Fransisco, could they? Well they could if the trip will gouge a giant hole in the travel budget, the weather promises to be wet, and a heavy teaching semester of classes start next week. So I'm rushing home on Saturday and missing a good party.

One of the best part of the AALS is that one gets to see lots of old friends in the hallways. If all goes well, blogging will be at best erratic for the next few days.

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