Bad News for Florida

Latest study predicts 10°C global warming.

Increased levels of greenhouse gases will have a much greater impact on climate change than previously thought and will lead to a “dramatically different” future, according to the largest ever climate change experiment.

If the predicted levels of greenhouse gases predictions are reached, the ice caps are likely to have melted and Britain will be an average 10°C warmer.

Then again, maybe we've got some time to prepare:

The first results from climate show that average temperatures could eventually rise by up to 11°C – albeit after a new global climate pattern has been established over several hundred years, even thousands of years – even if carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are limited to twice those found before the industrial revolution.

The results are based on a distributed computer model run as a screen saver:

The experiment, launched in Britain in 2001 on the science page of The Daily Telegraph, has since seen about 100,000 PC users around the world download a special screen saver to run a Met Office computer model to explore a vast range of climate change scenarios.

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