Trends in Leader Portraiture and Personality Cults

Over in North Korea, portraits of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il are disappearing from offices and public places, creating a “baffling blankness”.

Meanwhile, back here in the US, billboard-sized portraits of “Our Leader” are springing up in public places, as a “public service” from Clear Channel Communications. Cult of personality, anyone?

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3 Responses to Trends in Leader Portraiture and Personality Cults

  1. John Kelsey says:

    Of course, Clear Channel will *never* get any advantage in its dealings with regulators or Congress because of this. It’s just pure civic pride….

  2. Mojo says:

    If they’re calling it a “political public service message”, are they going to try to deduct the cost on their income taxes?

  3. Copeland says:

    Well Fooey in Der Fuehrer’s face is what I say. Dear Leaders need not apply.

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