No Borscht This Winter

U.S. Reports Possible Case of Mad Cow.

Maybe it's natural cynicism. Maybe it's living in the UK during their right-wing government's denial of what turned out to be a serious Mad Cow problem (right down to the then-Agriculture Minister feeding his young daughter a hamburger on national TV). Maybe it's an economically irrational attempt to control visible if low-probability risk in a world full of invisible higher-probability risks. But Caroline and I don't believe the US government has a handle on the potential for a Mad Cow epidemic — it isn't doing enough testing, for one thing — and we haven't been eating any beef for months now.

So, no borscht this winter (the family recipe involves beef as well as kasha and sour cream).

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2 Responses to No Borscht This Winter

  1. Slothrop says:

    Certain types of beef are safe — there are farms where health
    concerns are taken seriously. Here in Colorado, Coleman Beef
    is such a business. You can find their products at Whole Foods,
    Wild Oats and Vitamin Cottage. Or check out their website.

    I do not work for or own any interest in Coleman. I’m just letting
    you know of a good place to bring your business.

  2. Barsk says:

    Any beef you buy at Whole Foods is all natural and therefore shouldn’t be subject to BSE/vCJD.

    Also the cow in question hasn’t been confirmed, it was just an inconclusive test (last time I saw) and it wasn’t in the food chain anyway.

    But our government has no clue how to deal with a BSE or vCJD outbreak. Not real confident in that.

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