Kerry, Castor Concede

I think we are in for a rough time.

Will people abroad want to hold dollars if the people running the country have a track record of deficits and talking down the dollar?

Will the weakened Senate Democrats have the guts to filibuster extreme Supreme Court nominees?

Will a more right-wing court stand up to this administration's propensity for torture and arbitrary detention?

What will happen to global warming and environmental quality generally?

I would be delighted to be wrong, but I think that all but one of these questions are going to have really lousy answers, as will many others.

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  1. Observer says:

    Keep in mind the filibuster rule is just that … a rule. It can be changed by the majority, and has been changed.

    Trent Lott and others suggested changing the rule in recent years to counter Democratic filibusters. However, the Republicans held off because both parties benefit over time when they fall into the minority. It’s the old repeat-prisoner’s dilemma game.

    However, in the House the Republicans have been acting as though they never will lose the majority, excluding Democrats from the process and violating power-sharing rules that the Democrats maintained during the Democrats long time in power. This is because Republicans are convinced that they won’t lose the majority anytime in the foreseeable future.

    Given yesterdays’ results, which is in large part due to very, very successful vote supression strategies (I had thought the Dems were ready to counter those strategies, but have been proven totally wrong) I suspect the Senate will start thinking like the house. In that case, look for the filibuster rule to be modified or tossed entirely so that the Senate will have free reign.

  2. Chris says:

    This isn’t the America I learned about in school. But the people have spoken: they want more of the same. As we (as a collective) have endorsed Bush’s policies in full view of the world, we now deserve everything we have coming to us. The war in Iraq, for instance, was Bush’s war. It is now ours. The deficit was Bush’s. It is now ours. The war crimes are now ours to cherish, as we may as well have authorized them ourselves. Bush is now–in everyone’s eyes–but an agent of the will of the people, whereas before the election we could argue that he had no mandate and indeed acted against the wishes of the electorate. Not anymore.

    Oh yes. I now hate Abe Lincoln for forcing the South to remain in the Union. What has the Old South given the US that was any good, except for maybe Jack Daniels? I hope the northeast secedes.

  3. thomas says:

    i’m seriously considering moving to the west coast or to new england.
    it looks like there are 2 americas, and i’m living in the wrong one.

    this is too depressing for words.

  4. nigel says:

    Chin up guys, this is not the end of the world. Even though I wish it were the end of liberals. Conservatism isn’t so bad. Maybe you should take a look at it. A good long hard look. It may just be for you. consider for just a moment you are on the wrong side and you don’t know it. Lower taxes, less government, and a personal responsibility could be a road you just haven’t considered going down.
    Now don’t start thinking we’re fat, happy, and satisfied. We want super majorities in both houses of congress and a iron grip on government. We have targeted liberalism for destruction. That is the political goal. Your side grows weaker and more confused while the our conservative army is more united and focused than ever. But don’t be afraid, the this army is accepting conscripts.

  5. thomas says:

    iron grip, indeed.

    amazing how people somehow think bush is for smaller government. reality check, nigel.
    this is the largest federal government, in terms of budget and people, ever.

    you know, if you were to put on the ballot some proposals to take away the vote from women,
    or resegregate schools, or eliminate the minimum wage, i am willing to bet anything that you
    would see at least double-digit support in the South. Maybe in the Midwest as well. Let’s march backwards!

    Ok, then. “America has spoken.” Enjoy the next 4 years, Bush fans. You deserve what you’re gonna get.

  6. Chris says:

    You’re right. Conservativism isn’t bad. I myself am a conservative (or a libertarian, which is a true conservative). Conservatives oppose deficits–Bush’s last four years has seen us enslaved us to our creditors. Conservatives oppose big government. True, Bush has scaled back social amelioration programs like Ameri-Corps and scientific research, but he has also been responsible for the bloating of military spending and institutions that undertake surveillance of US citizens. Conservatives also favor protecting individual liberties against big government. They thus would abhor torture as a tool of state policy, as well as the arbitrary detention and punishment of citizens (and would not write secret memos justifying them). Conservatives oppose foreign entanglements. Bush has involved us in a war we didn’t need to fight; a war that is hemorraging our treasure and destroying our honor abroad. I think I’ve made my point, so I don’t need to go on.

    In short, your call to joining the conservative army is dishonest and would only confuse people while smearing the honorable name of “conservative.” Bush won the election–at least try to be honest now and go by your true appellation, which is “neoconservative”–or, “anti-conservative.” There is no longer any need to lie or spew ignorant nonsense like you have above. It’s too bad you weren’t serious about bridging the divide between Republicans and their critics. I knew that was a lie, too.

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  8. Thanks, Nigel, for making the neocon agenda more of a focus of ridicule than any liberal could possibly have done. I do feel better.

  9. nigel says:

    My only point is that now you should take a look at our side. Instead of just fighting us at every turn. I do want to bridge the divide but, Republicans don’t need to comprimise what we stand for. I want to stop the hate that liberals are feeding upon. That is what the gap is. Since I started reading these left-wing blogs, I ‘ve become aware of the outright HATE that is out there. I’ve said before you’ve become so blinded by it that you can’t see anything else. You can’t even remember what exactly YOU stand for. You just know that we are your enemy. We are not your enemy we love this country. We want to make it better. The sixties are over, you lost. I don’t think you really understand that. Make love not war, Free love, Flower Power, it’s all over and it’s been that way for a while now. You know we are right but, you won’t let it go. I don’t mean to gloat. I try not to at least but, you should accept defeat. it started with Reagan and accept for one major setback (Clinton), this has not been going your way for awhile. There is no need to go down with that ship. Liberalism hasn’t put food in your mouths, a roof over your heads, or clothes on your back. Let it go and wake up.

    You may now return to mourning.


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