Brand Democrat

Brand Democrat has the sort of slogans that reflect the sort of thinking that wins elections.

OK, there's one on there I don't like, the one about WWII: even if the Republican isolationists fought entry to the war, they supported winning it, so I think it's wrong to paint it in partisan colors. I'd say the same about Vietnam, which was started by Democrats but escalated then lost by a Republican.

But otherwise, there's some great stuff there.

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  1. Evelyn Blaine says:

    “Democrats, since 1794”? I don’t think I’m game for that slogan, given that for more than half that time the party was a leading national force for reaction and racism. I think we should leave historical myopia to the other side (God knows there’s enough of it there); there is no point in pretending that the turn of the Democratic party to progressive values is anything but a twentieth-century (and primarily a late-twentieth-century) phenomenon, and we can affirm those values–and work very hard to defeat the Republicans–without engaging in mystifications about the past.

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