Strange, Sad Priorities

The Carpetbagger Report: The media has its priorities; are they yours?

Words devoted to the Mary Cheney “story” in the Washington Post over the past three days: 1,099

Words devoted in the Washington Post over the past three days to the fact that the president's top political aide testified before a federal grand jury on Friday as part of an ongoing criminal investigation of the Bush White House: 438

The New York Times' ratio was even worse. The manufactured Mary Cheney flap has generated 3,074 words since Saturday (from two news items and two op-eds) in the paper of record; Rove's testimony's received 813 words.

Meet the Press, meanwhile, devoted 1,055 words to Mary Cheney yesterday; Rove's grand jury testimony wasn't mentioned at all.

The Washington Post even polled on the Mary Cheney “story” on Friday (64% said Kerry's comment was “inappropriate”). There were no questions in the poll about the ongoing criminal investigation of the White House.

I'd like to see a poll about whether Bush saying he never said he didn't care about Osama was “inappropriate”. No. How about a poll asking if invading Iraq with no plans at all for winning the peace was “inappropriate”?

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  1. Bill says:

    Speaking of misplaced coverage, I’ve seen almost no coverage over the refugee crisis in Iraq. The Christian Science Monitor mentions that 80% of Fallujans have fled before the upcoming US assault on that city. That means there are a quarter of a million refugees from that town alone, never mind those who have fled from assaults in Samarra, Tal Afar, and Sadr City. Anywhere but Iraq and this many refugees would be big news.


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