Speak Truth, Lose Job

Not an unusual circumstance in the working world: speak the truth, criticize the boss, lose your job. Somewhat odder when the job is allegedly journalism.

Sinclair DC News Bureau Chief Fired After Publicly Criticizing Management on Kerry Special.

But it's not about journalism, is it?

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4 Responses to Speak Truth, Lose Job

  1. peter jung says:

    I’ll bet Mr. Lieberman has hundreds of very good job offers awaiting him in the morning. He’ll be just fine. In fact, he will be a lot happier than the creeps at Sinclair who fired him. Sinclair stock took a nosedive today and ended at $6.49, down .55 cents a share, on a huge volume of 1,187,538 shares (that’s triple their average daily volume.) The stock lost 7.81% of its value today.

    I wonder if the Republicans are marveling at the wonders of their beloved free market?

  2. the irony is that this guy, who had been working under “sinclair rules” for years, is going to wind up as a paragon of journalistic integrity.

    don’t get me wrong, i think its great that he’s done this, but i’ll bet $20 that he gets a job with Fox, who will use him to demonstrate THEIR concern for integrity….

  3. norbizness says:

    The best quote out of the whole thing:

    “Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, including Jon Leiberman,” Hyman told The Sun. “We’re disappointed that Jon’s political views caused him to violate policy and speak to the press about company business.”

    And I’m sure that the Sinclair shareholders are upset that the nutty views of Hyman have caused the company to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in value over the last two weeks.

  4. All’s I know is, I wrote the FEC and the FCC asking for info on plans to investigate, censure, or even lie to me about the Sinclair actions when this story broke. I can’t even get a response.

    Which would make sense, because given what our media corps. can get away with, occam’s razor suggests there’s no one hanging out at either agency anyway…

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