Saturday is ‘Suprise Day’?

Here's a story you won't see in your newspaper. Pandagon speculates in Just A Day Off In Crawford:

Just A Day Off In Crawford: Bush is going to be taking a day of rest in Crawford on Saturday? With the election 10 fingers and two toes away? I mean, I know we're stupid, but exactly how dumb do they think we are?

So what's the surprise gonna be, folks? Bush going to fight a lion? Going to personally snap a drugged Osama bin-laden's neck in an arena duel, a la Gladiator? Parachute into Iraq? In the end, it all goes back to something Jon Stewart said:

I don't think Bush is stupid. I think we're stupid, because otherwise he wouldn't talk to us the way he does.

That's the operative dynamic of this election, a healthy disrespect for the wisdom and judgment of the American people. And to that, all I can say is Digby's right, we need to convince the press of our intelligence before Bush snaps on the flightsuit, tapes down the codpiece, and slingshots into a warzone.

Update: Well, you may see it in your online newspaper.

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4 Responses to Saturday is ‘Suprise Day’?

  1. Rodger says:

    Bush took the last Sunday off before the 2000 election (though he did appear via video to supporters). Then, from Texas he went to California.

    It was all part of Rove’s plan to look like they were creating a landslide.

    Bush took the day off from the campaign trail by staying in Austin, Texas. But, declaring that “victory is at hand,” he spoke to Hispanic supporters in Anaheim, California, by satellite. Portraying Gore as a big-spending liberal, Bush said the vice president had taken a California win “for granted,” as he prepared to head to the key state.

  2. Mojo says:

    Your brother rocks! A bilingual pun in a national newspaper article no less. Classy.

  3. Chris says:

    The latest far-out rumor from is that Bush is planning a sudden attack on Iran–killing a bunch of their leaders in the first strike, etc., etc.

    While I believe that there is little that the Bush campaign would not stoop to to win the election, this is a bit too much even for me. Given all the Republican rats fleeing the sinking ship (including the New Republic, no less!), I have a feeling that the moment Bush gives the order we’ll see a padded van appear in front of the White House and a couple of burly guys escorting the President out in a strait jacket.

    The “surprise” will probably be irrefutable proof that Kerry is really a transvestite who has had ten abortions before giving up in disgust with his/her(?) gender and having an operation.

  4. Why do we ” need to convince the press of our intelligence before Bush snaps on the flightsuit, tapes down the codpiece, and slingshots into a warzone.” I see no problem with Bush slingshoting into a war zone. In fact I’d rather enjoy it. Back when a slingshot malfunction would have meant years of President Cheney I would have fealt more need to convince the press of my intelligence, but I don’t think the sympathy vote would be enouch for him.

    Yaaay studly daring President Bush. Go for it.

    Just don’t come back.

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