Nice Work if You Can Get It

Via the would be funny if it didn't hurt The Poor Man: It's Hard Work!, we learn about GW Bush work ethic. [Warning: contains rudeness.]

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7 Responses to Nice Work if You Can Get It

  1. thomas says:

    the best part of that story is the link to


    what a great idea. i hadn’t seen that before.

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  3. I see where the confusion lies here…y’all evidently consider golf with GB sr. a pleasure activity…GWB considers it a conference with the boss…

  4. Brett Bellmore says:

    Whatever you may think of Bush’s work ethic, at least HE manages to show up for work more than a week out of the year. His opponent has totally blown off is job as a Senator since starting to run for President.

  5. jason wolf says:

    as much as i hate to admit this — because i hate what the bushies are doing to this country and i think he is an awful human being and president — the whole vacation thing is sort of ridiculous. though he no doubt works less than most other presidents did, we all know that when the president is on vacation, it’s never a real vacation. he gets the briefings, he makes calls, he does work. it’s not like he stops running the country. just because he sets up the ‘western white house’ in crawford, tex., for a month every summer doesn’t mean he’s literally taking the month off.

    oooh, i feel dirty now, having defended the president.

  6. You should feel dirty. The fact is, people get vacations when they’ve done their job right. Perhaps you feel the president can run things as well from Crawford as he can in Washington, but whether or not that’s true, after a month in Crawford, I”m looking at a government that went from +5 to -5 Trillion in 3 years.

    You don’t get vacations for that kind of track record…

  7. ed says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious, based on last nights debate, why he spends so much time on vacation. Sure he’s makes/takes phone calls and gets briefings. and it probably goes something like this.

    “what do you think we should do Dick?”

    ” ok do that. ok yeah do that. ok yeah do that. sure that sounds good….ok I’ll be playing golf if you need me”.


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