National Election Day Project to Help Harassed or Intimidated Voters

This is a GREAT idea:

Election Day Project – The Seattle University School of Law is sponsoring an Election Day Project. The purpose of this Project is to provide assistance to attorneys, voting rights and community advocates in key presidential electoral states. This assistance will consist of preparing statements from voters who have experienced harassment or intimidation at polling places. Attorneys and advocates can refer voters who have experienced such harassment or intimidation to a toll free number: (866) 896-4033. Law students will be servicing telephone calls from these voters and will assist in the preparation of statements. These statements will then be e-mailed to the referring attorney or advocate for final edits and signatures. These statements can form the basis for seeking temporary restraining orders or as documentation for any hearings conducted by legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, or the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

Please note the following:

1. The toll free number and the service to be provided will be available only on election day, Tuesday, November 2, 2004. The toll free number is (866) 896-4033.

2. The hours of operation are based upon Pacific Standard Time. The toll free telephone lines will be operational from 7:00 a.m. (PST) to 7:00 pm (PST).

3. When referring a voter to the toll free number, (866) 896-4033, the attorneys, voting rights and community advocates should provide the voter with the name, telephone number, and e-mail of the referring attorneys, voting rights and community advocates. Otherwise we will not be able to forward the statement.

4. The law students will not be providing legal advice or voter assistance.

5. If the lines are busy, please keep trying.

6. For further information contact, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Joaquin G. Avila (206) 398-4117.

Much kudos to Prof. Avila and Seattle law school.

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  1. paperwight says:

    This is good, but I find myself wondering why these folks didn’t just sign up/coordinate with ElectionProtection, who are doing something similar (and are nonpartisan).

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