Guardian: The Road to Abu Ghraib

The Guardian has a two-part series online called The road to Abu Ghraib. It's sufficiently weird that it reads like gonzo fiction, but we are asked to believe it.

Did a Major General really decide that psychic powers would let him walk through walls, and psychic healing could save troops wounded without access to ordinary medical care? And even if so, is this really connected to Abu Ghraib?

It's interesting, though, to read about the mythical First Earth Battalion and how the ideas behind it might have seeped into reality.

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3 Responses to Guardian: The Road to Abu Ghraib

  1. Mojo says:

    ABC is being crucified while other “journalists” are putting out pieces of insane c**p like this?! This article is a bizarre mixture of paranoid fantasy and hysterical ravings with a little truth thrown in to keep it off the fiction shelves and confuse the issue. Didn’t papers used to have editors?

  2. Well, now, granted, I had my tinfoil hat stapled on when I went to law school at what, at least once, was the largest domestic CIA station in the nation. (Remaining nameless but linked on the page you came from.)

    But just the same, as a dog owner, and a detail-obsessed reader, I’ve always thought the Lynddie England acted alone theory holds about as much water as Arlen Specter’s first go at ballistics theory for one simple reason: Where the hell do you find a leash in Iraq unless someone higher up gives it to you? I’m pretty sure PetSmart would’ve pulled out of Fallujah first, right?

  3. Uh… A quick look at Amazon UK reveals the book being excerpted is from the “humor” department. The author appears to have had a UK bestseller a couple of years ago with a similarly deranged collection of satire packaged as interviews with terrorists.

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