Brad DeLong Presents…Last Week in Shrillblog

Brad DeLong summarizes the first week in October over at the Shrillblog.

It's not pretty, all that shrillness in one place. What happens if it escapes?

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2 Responses to Brad DeLong Presents…Last Week in Shrillblog

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    It won’t. Our people–who are right now hard at work in the steel-and-glass Hermetic Arts Tower at Miskatonic University in beautiful Arkham, Massachusetts (be sure to bring lots of silver and garlic if you come to visit, and watch out for the giant cephalopods in the Miskatonic River: they have been known to snatch picnickers ten feet from the bank with their longest tentacles)–are trained professionals!

  2. I wonder if they named the insane asylum in Batman after your town, or vice versa, Brad. Just wondering.

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