Frances is north east of here and heading somewhat northwesterly, so unless it does an Andrew and skitters south as it hits land, we're going to be subject to tropical storm winds at the worst, plus some gusts, and maybe not even that. But it's so slow now that it may take another 16-24 hours, or even more, before we know it's safe to take down the shutters.

So far, it's pretty windy, and there's been some rain, but nothing you would get excited about if they didn't have those big swirly cloud pictures at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The Miami Herald delivered a special early edition last night since they figured they might not be able to get through the water this morning; that was before Frances slowed down ever farther (more waiting in the dark behind our shutters!). The NYT didn't deliver at all. The electricty has the occasional flicker, but so far so good.

Our next problem is that Tropical Storm Ivan. Frances needs to get out of the way so that they can open the shops — I don't think we have enough food for two storms in a row.

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