Just Don’t Mention the War

Something else with which to stoke your outrage — how the Bush/RNC slime machine is trying to suggest that anyone who suggests the Boy Emperor's Iraq campaign may be having a wardrobe malfunction is unpatriotic, or maybe even treasonous.

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One Response to Just Don’t Mention the War

  1. Chris says:

    There aren’t the words to describe how irresponsible this new turn of rhetoric is, and it is further evidence that either (1) the Republicans simply cannot appreciate the long-term consequences of their actions for the country they claim to love, or (2) they want power at any cost.

    Conservatives take Bush as the gospel truth. It thus follows that if the Bush administration says the Democrats want the enemy to win, then aren’t the Democrats manifest traitors? The next step would be the bomb blasts from vigilantes at local Democratic party booths. And if Kerry is providing aid and comfort to the enemy, is he now an “enemy combatant”? Will Bush strip him of his rights and send him to Gitmo? As I read the link and the commentaries from conservative authors and politicians with an eye on the torture memos, it almost seems like the Bush administration is systematically building a case for removing Kerry. No…I don’t even want to go there. Or think about it.

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