GW Bush Revealed!

The Poor Man: Kitty Kelley's Shocking Revelations has the goods:

Everybody is talking about Kitty Kelley's new book “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty”. The scandal-hungry press is already salivating over rumors that the book will reveal George W. Bush's use of cocaine through the 1980's, the true story of his time in the National Guard, and the shocking details of the illegal abortion he procured for an ex-girlfriend. But the press doesn't know the half of it! I have obtained an advance copy of the book, and will now share the even more shocking revelations contained within!

Must be seen to be believed. And even then, it's hard to believe.

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2 Responses to GW Bush Revealed!

  1. DrBB says:

    One of the hands-down funniest (and saddest) posts I’ve ever seen on the subject of Bush’s perfidy and the media’s compliance with same. The Poor Man rules, at least for today.

  2. Dem says:

    It’s also a sad comment on the American electorate. A substantial number of swing voters won’t pay attention to any of the Bush failures Poor Man itemizes, but will nevertheless be infatuated with Kitty Kelly’s allegations of Bush’s private affairs.

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