Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show’ Invites Bush for a Chat

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, perhaps because print ads don't appear in the online edition, so at the risk of chewing through a lot of bandwidth here is the quarter-page ad that Comedy Central's Daily Show (the faux news show which does a better job of the news than most serious media) took out in yesterday's New York Times—on the op-ed page.

It's pretty funny.

Update: While you are at it, have a look at this Daily Show 'preview' of the GW Bush convention promotional video. It would be funny if it were not so accurate. If comedy is not yet the only way to speak truth to power, it must surely be the most effective means.

Update2: The New York Post, of all places, reports that:

THE mischievous magnets produced by Comedy Central's “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” have created a sticky situation for the RNC. The “Make Your Own Headlines With the Daily Show Newsmaker” kits were banned from RNC gift bags because they included words like “tranvestite,” “goat,” “dances” and “dumb” as well as “Dubya,” “Rumsfeld” and “Cheney.” The RNC apparently feared the magnets could be used to poke fun at GOP leaders. Comedy Central produced more than 13,000 kits, which they still want to distribute this week. “We were surprised with the RNC's lack of humor,” said a Comedy Central spokeswoman.

'course that was before Zell Miller spoke…

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