Roll The Tape

It sounded pretty bad in the newspaper, but it sounds even worse on tape. Majority Report Radio has a rare tape of GW Bush attempting to answer an unscripted question by a member of the Minority Journalists association, who I'd wager is not a member of the White House Poodle Press Corps.

Next week, GW Bush explains federalism as when you are federal?

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4 Responses to Roll The Tape

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  2. Why assume he misspoke? Maybe this is the debut of a new hardline stance against the Injuns: giving them full sovereignty in their landlocked, barren reservations, complete with border controls and a total withdrawl of all US government services. See how well they’ll fare under those circumstances.

  3. Jean says:

    Sovereignty is soverein? Federalism is federal>? Okay.
    It sounded good to me — particularly the laughter in the background.
    Enough of that and maybe maybe we can get rid of this clown.

  4. This doesn’t sound good to me at all. Quite frankly, I’m terrified. And given the excessive wasting away of tribal sovereignty just in the last few years,(see, e.g., Nevada v. Hicks, Atkinson Trading Co. v. Shirley), I’d be a lot more afraid were I a Native American interested in protecting my cultural heritage or my land.


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