New Student Blogger

UM has another student blogger, Jason Wolf, who writes the ominously-named random acts of meanness.

And, indeed, I have a bone to pick with this new UM 1L already. In one of his first posts he disses Scotty's Landing, calling it the “worst restaurant on earth”. I'm sorry, it's not even close. Indeed, the food is perfectly OK, certainly no worse than lots of other places, and the view of the ocean and the Miami skyline is spectactular. Try it again some time when the weather is nicer.

Update: Consider, for example, Denny's, “Always open, always awful.”

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5 Responses to New Student Blogger

  1. Barsk says:

    WOAH! Let’s play nice with Denny’s. Many a college student would have starved to death at 1am if it weren’t for this wonderful establishment of Americana. Moons over Mihammi is probably the best combination of eggs and bread ever created. But if you want to compare Perkins and Denny’s, Perkins wins hands down, the pie is so much better.

    Also, Scotty’s is great. But maybe that’s because I’m a sailor and love crappy food. think Jimmy Buffett.

  2. vachon says:

    Yeah, but Denny’s isn’t really a restaurant the same way Velveeta isn’t really a food. Apples and oranges, people.

  3. As someone that I’m pretty sure started eating at Scotty’s in the womb, I’m equally outraged. This is a place that shouldn’t fail to be on every UM law student’s list of spots to grab a great sandwich in ridiculously serene surroundings. As for the best, however? Let’s just say if it wasn’t for Shorty’s bbq, I’d probably never have a good enough reason to drive down to Miami again. As is, I make it about twice a month.

  4. Barsk says:

    Oh man, Shorty’s. Only place in the world that could make me want to eat ribs at 8am on my way into school.

  5. jason wolf says:

    another UM 1Lalso has a blog (not sure how to put a link in here)

    i posted an explanation of why i disliked scotty’s so much…

    i was unimpressed with shorty’s. i liked uncle tom’s quite a bit though…

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