My Brother Gets the CJR Water Cooler Treatment

CJR's Campaign desk has a regular series of interviews with reporters and others covering the 2004 campaign. The latest interview is with my brother.

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2 Responses to My Brother Gets the CJR Water Cooler Treatment

  1. Speaking of Dan, when was the last time he mentioned your excellent site in WH Briefing…

    He had to be pretty desperate on Friday, linking to a Gary David Fine WP op-ed on Bush haters… (I’m sorry, but don’t ask me to take seriously any theories from someone who asks “Why all the hate” then says “Bush’s administration is free of scandals. ” Someone has not been paying attention…

  2. Barry Freed says:

    Too much weird news. I can’t wait for this election to be over and the most important decisions that Bush is able to make concern which brushpile to clear and where to hang those nifty silver spurs he got as a gift.

    Because I glanced at the headline of this post and immediately thought, “OMG! They’re carting journalists off to Gitmo now?” having seen “Water” and “Treatment” and filling in the “Boarding.” Crawford’s far too good for Bush, he and his cronies should be in the Hague, but I won’t complain when he’s sent packing after the election.

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