Brad DeLong is Sleuthing for Fafblog’s Secret Identity

You knows things are not right when college perfessors are takin' time off from important duties like showin' that entire sections of the White House have trouble with little things like addition and substraction and instead put on their deerstalkers and attempt to discern Who Is Fafblog?:

Fafblog is clearly (i) somebody who knows about the Byzantine Empire, the Knights Templar, and the Crusades, and (ii) somebody who knows more about early and Medieval Christian Theology (the suppressed last articles of the Nicaean Creed! Hah!) then is healthy. This implies somebody who was either (a) a medieval history major, or (b) went to a Jesuit high school.

Silly perfessor. Fafblog identity is not secret. Fafnir and Giblets are well known to both of their friends, and to the Medium Lobster, who himself is welcomed in all of the finest establishments in six spiral clusters and seven dimentions.

The Medium Lobster signals that he has never attended a Catholic School, or indeed needed to study in any institution of learning; a knowledge of Romania is only a small part of what one learns in higher dimensions.

“You will never be able to comprehend the Medium Lobster,” adds Fafnir. “He bein' a higher bein' an all,” agrees Giblets. “You is just cross because we have not told you nothing. NYAAAHHH!”

Suddenly Giblets is concerned. He an Fafnir have not been agreeing so much latterly, and now they are in agreement. This is intolerable! Quick, put the next Swift Boat ad on teevee! That's it! We iz miserable again.

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4 Responses to Brad DeLong is Sleuthing for Fafblog’s Secret Identity

  1. But can you do Groucho Marx?

  2. ej says:

    well i guess we can scratch your name off the candidate list

  3. Cédric says:

    Could Fafblog be someone paid to write a blog? (see here …)

  4. anonymouse cow says:

    Oh my, that is amusing… While I would pay Chris to write such amusing things, sadly, he is a Brown University graduate turned starving web artist.

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