A Week Is A Long Time In Politics

This is a bad week for politics, and a good week to have guest blogger George Mundstock doing the heavy lifting. Out there Kerry is all but saying he has a secret plan to end the war in Iraq, by saying he knows what to do in Iraq without explaining. Meanwhile GW is going to Ohio and telling the unemployed that he feels their pain.

So far the outrage of the week is the suspiciously timed release of a terror threat cum NY-area alert, based on ancient information — coupled with the demonization of anyone who dares to question it. Yes indeed, there have been some amazingly well timed coincidences. Funny how that works.

But I'm on a wireless connection where a dozen of us share a 56k telephone connection, so don't expect much posting this week.

Update: The Washington Post story on the arbitrary release of a warning based on aged data is clearer than the NYT version, which runs away from the political angle…although even the Post is more circumspect than the bloggers.

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