Slacktivist Brainstorm

Fred Clark, the Slacktivist, has had a brilliant idea:

Eventually, someone from the Cartoon Network will realize that Fafnir and Giblets really ought to be made part of the lineup on Adult Swim.

This would entail getting a team of animators to create the Fafnir and Giblets animated characters, as well as, of course, animated versions of the Medium Lobster and Christopher Robin. At the very least, they could become regular guests on, say, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Two quibbles. First, given that the Medium Lobster is a Higher Being, I'm not sure that he lends himself well to animation. Second, I worry this next bit might be taking it just a bit far…

If the show became a hit, I could see them branching out to create animated versions of other blogs. Maybe a show called “Why oh why are we ruled by these idiots?” featuring a squiggle-vision version of Brad DeLong.

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3 Responses to Slacktivist Brainstorm

  1. Pat says:

    Ho ho! I can see it in my head now. A little stick figure DeLong banging his head on a brick wall for 5 minutes. Wait, I think I may have already seen that on Spike and Mike’s. Maybe to fill the rest of the time we would have to have “Joining the Ranks of the Shrill” as well.

  2. niq says:

    The guy who runs fafblog is a cartoonist; he could do it himself :).

  3. EricinTX says:

    Well, the creator of Fafnir and Giblets is a cartoonist!

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