Ducking Iraq?

Matthew Yglesias raps Kerry's speech because it doesn't describe an Iraq strategy. This has to be the most unfair critique I ever heard of.

1. Bush has not mapped an exit strategy.

2. Events are very fluid. Any statement now is likely to be overtaken by events, resulting in charges of shifting position if the postion needs to shift.

3. Kerry's strategy is known to be the 'pottery barn' view of once you are in you are sort of stuck, but he'd like to internationalize the foreign presence. At this point there is little he could reasonably add. If you need more, read Juan Cole.

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2 Responses to Ducking Iraq?

  1. peter jung says:

    Iraq is a mess that belongs exclusively to Bush; Kerry has nothing to gain by attaching himself to it at this point in time. Kerry is smart to simply let Bush stew in the quagmire of his own making.

  2. Dem says:

    Very bright young man, Matt. But he occasionally reveals just how young and naive he really is.

    I’d like to see him suggest his alternative speech. Or hold up an example of a better one.

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