Bravo, Larry!

Larry Lessig does a good deed.

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  2. MP says:

    Did Al Franken help Lessig on that one? Because the analysis technique, i.e. interpreting comments hyper-literally, is the same.

    Franken, for example, does not agree that Cheesburger Moore implies in his movie that the bin laden family was given special treatment by the Bush administration. Why? He argues that such an accusation was never actually “stated” in the movie. Thus, he can avoid the substance of the issue, the factual validity of the crockumentary. It smacks of Clinton’s hyper-technical denial of sexual “relations” with Monica.

    In 4th grade, our teachers start into stylistic concepts: theme, implication, tone. That’s why only 3rd graders find this type of analysis accurate. They also think they aren’t disobeying mom by “touching” an annoyed little brother as long as they poke shirt as opposed to exposed skin.

    Bill calls a spade a spade. The ad was an attack on the US and its policies. For those of us who passed the 4th grade, we don’t need things written in bold capitals to read between the lines.

    Is “simon didn’t say” really the pinnacle of liberal thought these days? Well, Lessig is a lawyer….


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