Round Up of Good Stuff

I'm back in Miami, but very very tired. The conference was great fun, and I learned (and ate!) a lot, but the journey home was long. Got up early this morning (before the hotel was serving breakfast), drove from beautiful Santa Fe to Albuquerque, changed planes in Dallas, then finally got home around dinner time.

So here are short links to some blog stuff that hit my feed reader. Several deserve more reaction or praise, but I haven't the energy.

  • Talkleft, CEO Paid To Go To Prison. You are a financial services provider. Your CEO is going to jail for 18 months and is fined $2 million. Let's pay him $4,611/day plus a $2 million bonus to make up the fine, plus more bonus to be announced.

“the CIA's credibility has never been lower. Crazy people no longer believe the CIA is implanting a chip in their heads to listen to their dreams. They just don't think they can pull it off. It's a sad day for America when even our paranoid schizophrenics realize they don't need to wear the alumnimum foil hats anymore.”

The Houston journal wants a final draft of the paper in two weeks, so I think I'll do fixing and tidying before posting anything. If anyone is really keen to have it now and will promise comments in exchange for an e-copy now, drop me a note.

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