Pop Quiz

Guess what really prompted this: CNN.com – Cheney curses senator over Halliburton criticism. (The curse was what kids call the 'F-word'.)

A) Cheney has seen latest GOP tracking polls and things look bleak. (Maybe like this)

B) Ill health.

C) Plame investigation heats up is about to result indictments of Cheney aide or aides.

D) Aides in Plame investigation not as loyal as hoped.

E) Boss is auditioning a replacement after impending resignation for ill health.

F) Senator Leahy is on to something.

G) Cheney always talks like that, but in the undisclosed location there's no one to tell the press.

Update: There were so many typos in this one, it reminded me why I don't offer bounties

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7 Responses to Pop Quiz

  1. hilzoy says:

    Until I clicked the link, I was wondering whether the investigation into Olof Palme’s murder was actually getting somewhere, and what on earth that had to do with Cheney. Now I know better.

  2. Michael says:

    Dyslexia Rules KO! (I’ve fixed the spelling of “Plame”, thanks.) And yes, I’m genuinely mildly dyslexic, which is why I can’t spell well, and reverse letters when I’m tired.

  3. Skip says:

    You might also want to change “Lehey” to “Leahy” ; >

  4. DNS says:

    … and “Chaney” to “Cheney.”
    No ill-will here; we love ya!

  5. DNS says:

    Now for some substance…
    Trying to figure out why Cheney lost it is fun but ultimately as difficult as deciding whether the blur behind Trotsky’s left shoulder is Beria or the cute clerk from accounting. He’s certainly never going to tell us. There’s also, inevitably, a Rorshach-test quality to it; what we see reveals as much about our own motivations as it does about anything else. Still, speculation is fun. How about adding a final option to the list of choices: “All of the above.”

    I can imagine that all of the dark clouds that now low’r upon the White House — Plame, in particular –are creating cracks in the foundations. Wait… clouds creating cracks in the foundations? Sorry. I just hope — and now have reason to believe — that, for this short-sighted, selfish administration, the bill is finally coming due and they don’t know how they’re going to pay. Who will be offered up? Who will turn on whom? Who will leak first? [I see more and more leaks in the days and weeks ahead, from lower down in the bureaucracy, as decent civil servants sense the change in the wind and muster the courage to do what’s right.] It’s like a scene in a Tarantino movie where everyone is pointing a gun at someone else, then swinging it to point at someone else, and so on, and on, and on, until…

  6. niq says:

    I’m going with (E). Though I think Santorum is going to be the replacement, since McCain doesn’t actually agree with Bush on … well … anything.

  7. Chris says:

    As I was watching an MSNBC interview with Wesley Clark, the topic of Cheney came up and he and the interviewer discussed whether his meltdown marked the final plunge for civility in the legislature. Clark felt it was just stress, and I would agree; I can’t recall civility being much of a characteristic at any time, at least since Preston Brooks beat his colleague Charles Sumner senseless with a stick in the Senate in (I think) 1858. All this gives people something pleasant to distract them from the bigger issues looming ahead.

    Anyway, Cheney’s record as VP is beyond the poor power of an expletive to add or detract substantially. History will little note nor long remember the infamous F-word…

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