Jon Stewart Is a National Treasure

If anything persuades me to buy a TV, it's going to be the Daily Show.

Via Over/Spun, a link to Stewart acting as a one-man truth squad.

How come the respectable media tip-toes around this stuff?

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3 Responses to Jon Stewart Is a National Treasure

  1. SW says:

    History will not be kind to the press’ role over the past three years. As this begins to sink in, those with any sense of their long term reputations are going to be scrambling to make amends. Could be a very interesting summer and fall.

  2. That’s what bittorrent is for ;). (NB: I am not now, nor have I ever, used bittorrent to download any materials that would cause me to be in violation of copyright law.)

  3. Jon Stewart sure would make Kerry a fine Press Secretary. Press briefings would be worth watching…

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