AP Sues for Access To GWB Military Records (What Took You So Long?)

AP suing the Pentagon to get 100% of GW Bush's service records. It has always seemed odd to me that (1) Bush did not in fact ever make all his records available, and indeed reneged on his pledge to do so; (2) requests for the records now go through the White House; (3) there are things missing that have no right to be missing, notably the discharge papers with their separation codes; (4) no one in the press seemed to care about the loose ends in the story.

Is it a coincidence that this law suit comes just after Bush starts falling in the polls? I would hate to think the press corps was so craven that they only dare ask hard questions when they smell blood. But how else to explain the timing?

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One Response to AP Sues for Access To GWB Military Records (What Took You So Long?)

  1. MP says:

    Perhaps both candidates would prefer that scrutiny into their military records (youth) not go any deeper than it already has. Maybe there’s an informal truce in place.

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