Apparently, right-wing pranksters have googlebombed the term Democratic National Committee so that google points to one of their sites instead. The point of this post is just to fight back.

I'm flying back to Miami today, so normal blogging should resume tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Anti-Googlebombing

  1. Phill says:

    I think we should link the term incompetent sadist to a Bush site. The evidence becomes clearer every day that Bush does not care about the number of US servicemen killed in Iraq and the killing or torture of anyone he considers an enemy positively gives him pleasure.

    This may be why Bush has lost interest in the hunt for Bin Laden. The murder of 3,000 people in the US does not matter as much to him as Saddam’s attempt to assasinate his father. Any rational assesment of threats to the US would start with Bin Laden and Al Zawahiri.

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  3. fiat lux says:

    And speaking of righteous Google bombs: Here’s another one worth looking at – Keep the word “Jew” from being pointed to antisemitic garbage.


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