Why Are We Shuffling Commanders in Iraq?

The blogosphere is buzzing about the news that Gen. Sanchez is being relieved of command in Iraq, but not getting the plum reassignment and promotion that he was expecting, apparently because giving him another star would require Congressional approval. That's usually a formality, but in his case might lead to actual hearings.

But something else about the story caught my eye:

At the same time, other officials noted that Sanchez has served in Iraq for just over a year and that Army and Marine Corps division commanders all have rotated out of the country during that time.

Why are we rotating commanders? Are they incompetent? If not, is this back to the Vietnam era where everyone wants a turn as commander in order to get their ticket punched for promotion? And are the people ordering these rotations the same people who were just a few days ago explaining that Rumsfeld shouldn't resign because it's so important to have continuity in leadership during wartime?

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One Response to Why Are We Shuffling Commanders in Iraq?

  1. Pat says:

    Standard operating procedure for BushCo…screw up, deny screw up, resist change, cave to pressure, state it was always part of the plan.

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