What Happens When You Let the Attack Dogs of War Off the Leash

The prison body count is increasing: Pentagon Records Show Five Brutal Interrogation Deaths. And the troops were routinely absuing people; even abusing reporters — how dumb and arrogant can you get? Interestingly, the reporter abuse claims got a complete white-wash. Meanwhile we read about cover ups … while the case for a policy and practice directed from the top just gets stronger every day. [Update: I forgot to link to the Army's apparent attempt to neuter Red Cross inspections]

People used to worry out loud about personal and national honor (while injustice and atrocitities went on around them). Are we just more honest now? Or is something valuable lost if we set our sights so low?

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2 Responses to What Happens When You Let the Attack Dogs of War Off the Leash

  1. paul long says:

    Bush is responsible for all this, despite is despicable weasle wording and wriggling like the worm he is.
    A very aposite remark has it that THE BUCK STOPS HERE

  2. Jean says:

    The ‘torture memos’, Cheney’s thumbing his nose at Congress re the energy committee, the absolute grab of power – all reminds me of what I read in “Lost Honor” by John Dean, about Nixon’s ‘imperial Presidency’. Fortunately, Nixon did not have a second term. We must NOT now allow this Imposter white house to steal a second term.
    The dangers are too great – This White House will fundamentally change the Executive branch, which will in turn fundamentally change our form of government.

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