WP12 Under Linux (via WINE)?

I would dearly love this to be true: WPU Forums – Breaking News: WP12 Runs Under WINE (Linux)

A long history with WordPerfect…going back to version 4.1…is by far the most significant reason why I don't switch to a Linux desktop. But before I do anything rash, I'd need to see a report by someone who had really used WP12, exercising lots of features on long heavily footnoted documents, for a period of weeks, not just someone who fired it up and 'gave it a shot.'

I also see that Corel is reviving the long-lost WP8 for Unix (is that 8.0 or the better 8.1PE [not 8.1LE]? I hope and trust it's the hard-to-find 8.1PE, not one of the inferior and easier-to-find versions). That's an alternate solution, I guess, although I'd really rather not regress two versions from WP10. And I recall reading that it had some issues (printers? fonts?).

Update: Looks like it is an 8.1 version, at least, and that the ugliest usability issues have been mitigated. Hmm…

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2 Responses to WP12 Under Linux (via WINE)?

  1. Chris says:

    Is WP really that good? Is it better than OpenOffice? That what I’ve used for the last few months and I’ve found it really quite good.

    And, of course, it makes switching over to Linux that much easier to imagine (as soon as I get time!).

  2. Michael says:

    Well, part of it is that I’m very used to it and have many documents in it.

    But, yes, WP is better than OO, which I also have on my computers. It has far superior formatting control (“reveal codes” – shows you exactly what’s going on and lets you modify it); it has excellent automatic cross-referencing of footnotes. It integrates very well with HTML, and includes a native output to .pdf. And it can handle long complex documents with many footnotes without croaking.

    The only thing it lacks is a reliable track changes feature for multiple authors in one document — there is one but it’s buggy.

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