Something Funny at MS-NBC?

This is odd. When I point Firefox at MS-NBC, I get this:

Network Error
Unable to read URL from host Not in GZIP format

But if I try to visit the site with IE6, it comes up just fine.

And yes, I tried it several times.

Is this a Firefox problem, a very very unlikely coincidence, or is MS-NBC blocking a non-MS browser.

Update: I only have this problem on the win98se machine, not on the win XP machine, which suggests it's something local. But it's very odd.

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3 Responses to Something Funny at MS-NBC?

  1. Tung Yin says:

    Weird, but if it were a MSFT conspiracy, it seems more likely that IE would not block you from accessing CNN, etc., rather than that MSNBC would block non-IE browsers . . . .

  2. Chris says:

    My firefix waltzes right in. Not sure why yours doesn’t work.

  3. Hugh Hyatt says:

    My Firefox (v0.8) works fine as well.

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