Plame Investigation Metastasises

Prosecutors Are Said to Have Expanded Inquiry Into Leak of C.I.A. Officer's Name. Seems the prosecutor thinks someone might have been lying to him.

I love the smell of justice in the morning.

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2 Responses to Plame Investigation Metastasises

  1. Mitchell says:

    I like this guy Fitzgerald. The fact that Bush nominated him to be U.S.A. raises a red flag about his possible political leanings… but given his record on this leak case, and his other credentials, I’d say he’s got A.G. written all over him in a Kerry presidency.

  2. There is another twist. Some lawyers told Josh Marshall that the fact that Novak had already blown Plame’s cover does NOT constitute a legal defence for Rove.
    Marshall is not a lawyer, I am not a lawyer, I am acquainted with about 2 or 3 lawyers. I know it is far from cyberlaw but please help. Are these lawyers right ? Has Rove confessed to a crime ?

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