It Only Hurts When I Don’t Laugh, and I’m Not Laughing

Wonkette is less cynical than me. She can still joke about this stuff:

ROEMER: OK. I'm just confused. You see him on August 6th with the PDB.
TENET: No, I do not, sir. I'm not there.
ROEMER: OK. You're not — when do you see him in August?
TENET: I don't believe I do.
ROEMER: You don't see the president of the United States once in the month of August?
TENET: He's in Texas.

OK, we're starting to get a picture of just how bad the technological lag was at the intelligence agencies… Imagine poor Tenet, desperately wanting to tell the president about this threat to national security: But no! The president is in Texas! Texas! “I just wish I had a way to speak to someone without actually being present in the room… some device that might transmit sound or text over wires… maybe even through the air!

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