I Start A Legal Academics’ “Copyright Experiences Wiki”

Prompted by discussions on various law professor mailings lists of abusive copyright demands by law reviews and legal publishers, I've set up a quick wiki for legal writers to document their copyright experiences.

I don't know if law professors — many of whom will have never seen a wiki before — can be persuaded to contribute to this, especially as the instructions I've provided are pretty light weight. But it would be nice if this caught on.

So if you have ever published in a law review or a book with an academic press that does legal topics, please consider adding your copyright experience to this database.

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5 Responses to I Start A Legal Academics’ “Copyright Experiences Wiki”

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  3. B. Kreisler says:

    So, how goes the legal academic copyright wiki? Do you, by any chance, know of any other legal wiki’s, be they academic or practice-oriented? Is this something that the legal profession tends to be getting into?


  4. Michael says:

    The Wiki needs more publicity. Please help. And no, I don’t know of other legal wiki’s but I haven’t looked…do you?

  5. B. Kreisler says:

    This and this
    are two non-U.S. legal wikis. The first in an Australian legal wiki, but appears to be under-utilized. The second is a lay defendant-oriented wiki in the UK. Yours is the only U.S.-based legal wiki that I have found so far.

    I am trying to advertise your wiki in my humble way. I will let you know if I have succeeded.



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