Holding up a Mirror to Faith in Politics

The Mirror of Justice has had an interesting series of posts debating the role of professions of faith and positions at odds with faith in Presidents and presidential candidates, the latest of which, by Rob Vischer, is More on Kerry as a “cynical nonbeliever”.

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One Response to Holding up a Mirror to Faith in Politics

  1. Jim Orr says:

    Senator Kerry’s political positions verses his religious ones are not as telling about his character as are his publicly professed beliefs and his public actions. Senator Kerry may have differences with Catholic teachings, but how does he explain his having differences with his own professed beliefs? He publicly and voluntarily stands during Sunday Mass and professes to believe when reciting the Creed that he believes “in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life….” If he believes that God is the giver of life, than how does he justify his Congressional actions that contribute to that life being destroyed? Senator Kerry stands again in that Sunday Mass and voluntarily prays the only prayer Jesus ever gave us, in which he prays that God’s “will be done on earth….” Does Senator Kerry believe that God creates life so that it can be aborted?

    Does Senator Kerry believe God is in contradiction with himself, or is Senator Kerry in spiritual contradiction with what he professes to believe and pray for?

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