Another Everyday Injustice from John Aschroft’s Justice Dept.

The Miami Herald's best columnist, Carl Hiassen, The An arbitrary deportation campaign writes about the Aschroft Justice Department's assinine campaign to deport productive, legal, US residents:

So this is the new America. Our government wants to deport an Oregon woman who was convicted 11 years ago of growing six marijuana plants.

Kari Rein, a Norwegian citizen, had never been in trouble before, and hadn't been in trouble since. That changed Dec. 30.

She, her husband and two children were returning from a vacation to Norway when she was questioned at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport by officers of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

They had run Rein's name through a computer and found the old marijuana conviction. They asked her to step into a private room.

''And that,'' says her husband, James Jungwirth, “was the last time we saw her for three weeks.''

The sentencing judge didn't even think six pot plants for home use merited a jail sentence. But the loonies in Main Justice don't care. The husband and two kids are US citizens. But Main Justice doesn't care.

Remember folks, all this is being done in your name by your government. Be proud. Or throw the rascals out.

And, as Karl Hiaasen says,

Don't think it couldn't happen to someone you know. This is the new America.

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