An Example of the Fruits of Judicial Review

As the date for oral argument in front of the US Supreme Court approaches, the Pentagon underakes a PR offensive, and allows (carefully controlled) information to come out about the conditions at Guuantanamo. The Miami Herald gets the first exclusive.

U.S. military opens doors, sheds light on Cuba camp: For the first time since terrorism suspects were brought to the base two years ago, authorities in recent weeks opened the door to rooms used for interrogations, provided limited information on efforts to gather intelligence from prisoners and showed off a courtroom where military tribunals likely will be conducted.

They also allowed some photographs of restricted areas and permitted interviews with interrogators and others who deal with the prisoners.

The new access comes as attorneys for the families of 16 captives are seeking access to federal courts to challenge their indefinite detention. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on April 20.

Note what's not in the article: information about suicide attempts, self-injury, or much about the conditions outside of Camp Echo — which is small, and is the luxury wing of the camp. Whatever its skills at nation building, the Pentagon remains champs at lobbying and PR.

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