WordPerfect is NOT Dead

PC Mag reports on WordPerfect 12, which like all future versions is said to be jam-packed with goodies. Except when you read the fine print, the main goodie seems to be better interfacing with MS Office. Oh joy.

(This seems like as good a place as any to mention an AMAZING web site I just discovered with very detailed info on how to run WP 5.1 and 6.x for DOS under any version of windows. It also includes info on making them speak to networks, modern printers, and even how to create a Euro symbol!)

Incidentally, if the big advance in WP12 will be increased compatibility with MS Office then maybe it's time to start on office pool on how long it will take for MS to release a service pack that — oops! — just happens to break some of that functionality.

Actually, I'm just delighted someone is maintaining WP, as it remains my most-used program. Now, if they would just port an updated version to Unix, I could see abandoning Windows…

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