Richard Clarke Goes for the Bush Jugular

Richard Clarke is going to get his 15 minutes, and more, before he either falls into the Memory Hole, or holes the Bush Administration below the waterline.

In reading him, and about him, please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Clarke's a Scoop Jackson Democrcat — that is, the right-wing kind;
  2. He's served both Deomcratic and Republican Presidents, and very ably by all accounts
  3. He's a smart man, and a patriot, and widely considered one of the best nuts and bolts guys around on national security.

That doesn't make what he says true, but it ought to buy him a respectful hearing.

Correction: According to this Washington Post article by Barton Gellman, Clarke says he was registered as a Republican in 2000. Relevant only to Republican claims that he's 'auditioning for the Kerry campaign'.

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