Parody or Travesty?

A link from Talking Points Memo took me to a website called “” There one finds a “Research Briefing” entitled John Kerry: International Man Of Mystery III.

The document states:

  • The only foreign government “on the record supporting John Kerry” is North Korea [The “record” of “support” consists of broadcasting his speeches on state radio … proves Kerry is a Commie, right?];
  • “Former French Environment Minister Is Kerry’s First Cousin” [He's worse than a Commie — he's French!]
  • Coldplay supports Kerry [Not entirely clear what this proves, but it must be awful].

Parody or travesty? You decide.

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3 Responses to Parody or Travesty?

  1. Monkeyspit says:

    Nader is the ticket from all this travesty, however the presidency may now always remain a parody.

  2. CY says:

    The note about North Korea is interesting. I’m not surprised to hear that Republicans don’t know that countries almost always refrain from expressing official preferences in these matters. Back in the 2000 election, a Canadian comedian got close enough to Bush to ask how he felt about receiving the endorsement of “Prime Minister Jean Poutin” of Canada. Bush was very grateful and was happy to say so.

    The Prime Minister of Canada was, of course, Jean Chretien. Poutin is a famous French Canadian dish involving enormous quantities of gravy and cheese poured over potato chips. Much amusement ensued North of the border.

  3. CY says:

    Of course, you might think that I would bother to spell “poutine” properly as long as I’m making fun of people.

    And it’s french fries, not potato chips.

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