One Type of Battleground Miami is Not

It seems that where I live is just a cash cow, not an electoral battleground.

As for Miami, Mr. Jordan said, the group [Moveon] was not ruling out advertising there in the future but said that the market is already rich in Democratic voters who will likely vote for Mr. Kerry. Miami is also almost prohibitively expensive, he said.

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One Response to One Type of Battleground Miami is Not

  1. Mitchell says:

    This is dangerous for the Dems. There was a great article in the New Yorker a couple weeks ago outlining Jeb’s rise to power among the Cuban Miami set. But it also offered a glimmer of hope for Dems: the Cubans are not entirely thrilled with W, and they generally side with Dems on social issues.

    “[MoveOn and Media Fund folks said] they were all targeting similar sorts of voters — core Democrats and others open to liberal arguments — who happen to live in specific areas.” To take Miami out of that equation, and leave the local party people to their own devices in the face of Jeb’s machine, is a mistake. That is, assuming MoveOn and co. are as influential as they proclaim.

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