Notes About All Over

I am in New Haven, put up at the very traditionally elegant therefore not especially comfortable “Q club”. I can forgive the desk that is too small and too high to type on well. The noise pollution from the TV next door. The lack of a high speed internet connection. It is harder to forgive the contortion needed to find a plug (and there seems to be just one). And it's even harder to forgive the slowness of the telephone internet connection: 26.4k! That's the slowest I've ever had in the USA. Slower than most of the UK. Slightly slower than Italy.

So rather than provide a series of posts, here's a little collection of annotated linkage:

  • Laplace's Demon is teasing me which is probably deserved.
  • Daily Kos says Clarke is a patriot
  • Amanda Butler blogged the oral arguments in the Newdow case. The TV here in the 'Q Club' has CNN, and they had a long item on the case. The commentator kept saying what a great job Newdow did, emotions and all, at the argument. The anchor — who looked like someone trying to play a fluffhead but not quite managing — kept saying 'but doesn't the little girl want to say the pledge and be like all the other little kids?'
  • Clarke 9/11 commission hearing transcript: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I caught a little in the airport. It was impressive.
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